Newmarket’s Outdoor Skatepark

Dann Tardiff for LINLEE

Newmarket skateboarders are in for a treat now that Newmarket’s first outdoor skatepark is open.

The wait is over, it’s time to perfect your alley-oop and your airwalk. Born out of the need to provide youth with an outdoor space to exercise, stay active and have fun, this new skatepark includes a variety of skate features to accommodate both junior to advanced riders and provide additional learning opportunities to all users and age groups.

Located beside the Magna Centre the new skatepark is decked out with half-pipes, quarter pipes, full pipes, vert ramps, a long pump track, multiple handrails, spine transfers, ramps, and other objects and obstacles.

In addition to the many skatepark features, there are a variety of other amenities around the skatepark including gathering areas, picnic tables, benches, bike racks, and a water bottle fill station.

The outdoor skatepark is open daily from dawn to dusk and offers a little bit for the whole family. For more information visit: