Market Candle Company is Lit!

A cozy night in is just a lit wick away with Newmarket’s Market Candle Company!

While known for its hand-poured, 100% natural soy candles, the true light of the business is its ‌owner, Shabi Monzavi. Her quick wit, relatable personality, and go-get-it attitude have transformed what started as a basement side hustle in 2019 into a full-fledged incorporated business, operating out of a 3,000 sq ft production facility and employing a dream team of women. 

“When we’re not working hard making all the delightful smelly things, you’ll find us rocking out to ’90s hip-hop, making silly TikTok videos, and chowing down on tasty goodies from our fave local restaurants,” says Monzavi. “We work hard, but we play hard too!” 

Market Candle Company
All photos courtesy of Market Candle Company
Market Candle Company
Along with using pure soy wax, Market Candle Company candles uses lead-free wicks, high quality fragrances and no dyes.


From the gorgeous candles with scents like “Fresh Bread” and “Pinot Noir,” to their hilarious down-to-earth Instagram reels which include juggling life with a newborn, it’s easy to see how the business has amassed a cult candle following of 14k on Instagram. 

Market Candle Company offers customers more than just small-batch, non-toxic candles—it has been a source of comfort for a homebound community seeking a little spark of Zen these last three years. “We’ve made ourselves a little safe space,” explains Shabi. “People come to our Newmarket showroom to shop for birthdays, anniversaries, or wedding favours, or just to say hi and see the team.” 

When you get there, you’ll find an array of goodies for you and your home. In store (and online) you’ll find special time-limited seasonal collections with candles, melts, diffusers and the like. Fan favourites are staples, and the company has also expanded into soaps, soaks, sprays, perfume rollers and more. If beautiful smells are your thing, you’re in for a treat.

Their delightful-smelling showroom at 1100 Gorham, Unit 16 in Newmarket, is worth a trip! Take in the delicious fragrances, meet the amazing women-led team, and, if you can, peek in the back to experience the magic of small-batch candle making.

Market Candle Company