D&D and Board Game Fun at Goblets & Goblins!

Friday night fun is just a dice throw away at Goblet & Goblins Board Game Cafe! Choose from a selection of more than 500 board games, including old-school classics like Scrabble, Sorry! and Battleship, as well as newer additions like Cards Against Humanity and Catan. Select your fighter and try your hand at Mortal Kombat and other classic arcade games—available free of charge. 

Goblets & Goblets Board Game Cafe
Goblets & Goblins Board Game Cafe

The café offers an assortment of delicious food and signature drinks (a key component to making it through epic long games like Risk or Monopoly!). Go past ‘Go’ with a signature house-made Freak Shake (dreamy milkshakes topped with various desserts), craft beer, latte, or cocktail if you’re feeling fancy. On the menu you’ll find yummy eats like paninis, personal pizzas, cheesy garlic flatbread, and loaded gobbo doggos. They’re all as good as they sound!

Goblets & Goblins
While you're there, be sure to try one of their epic Freak Shakes. Photo courtesy of Goblets & Goblins.
Dungeon Master's Guide from Goblets and Goblins in Newmarket

But what really sets Goblets & Goblins apart from your average board game cafe is the mini-universe owners and brothers Eddi and Felix Rayle have created for sneaky elf rogues, dwarf paladins, and warlocks—aka players of Dungeons and Dragons (D&D.)


“So many people throughout lockdowns missed having the social interaction and experience that D&D provides.” explains Eddi. “We provide a safe environment for beginners and intermediate players to meet their community and enjoy some games with like-minded people. We’ve had so many people become close friends with each other and they all met at our store which is something we’re extremely proud of.”

The cafe is always looking for new players to join their D&D groups! Visit their website at gobletsandgoblins.com to learn more about becoming part of this amazing community. For those looking to get their game board fix with friends & family, stop by 208 Main St S, Newmarket for snacks, drinks, and all the board games you could ever play for $6.50/adult (kids play for free!).