Crypto Escape Rooms: Can You Escape?

Don’t ask the Kowalski brothers to choose their favourite room in their co-owned space, Crypto Escape Rooms. “That would be like deciding which of your children you love most,” quips Stephen, who, with sibling Chris, has been designing their perplexing rooms since opening the enterprise in 2016. Located on Stellar Drive, with five different and elaborate award-winning escape room challenges, Crypto is a magnet for novices and veteran enthusiasts alike. “It’s an immersive 60-minute experience in a world we’ve crafted for you,” says Chris. Elaborate cinematic and special effects enhance themes, scares and surprises in The Lost Shipwreck, Below Zero, Kilgore Cabin and more.

If you’re looking for an immersive experience, Crypto is the place to be. A snapshot of their rooms is evidence enough of their dedication to challenging – and sometimes, scaring the pants off – anyone who visits! Check out your options below.

Newmarket Crypto Escape Rooms The Lost Shipwreck
The Lost Shipwreck is one of five immersive experiences at Crypto Escape Rooms.

The Lost Shipwreck

A finalist for the Enthusiasts’ Choice Award, The Lost Shipwreck takes you across the sea into the fabled Mad Captain’s Cave. There are riches and treasures galore, but can you get past a certain haunting presence that is unwilling to let anyone get their hands on his bounty?

Newmarket Crypto Escape Rooms Extraction
Become a spy in the Extraction room

Extraction room

Maybe you’re better suited for a life of stealth, sneakiness, and top-secret missions? Prepare to transform from civilian to spy in the Extraction room, where your job is to investigate a weapons corporation making some dangerous decisions.

Newmarket Crypto Escape Rooms Extraction
Newmarket Crypto Escape Rooms Extraction

The Cursed Temple

On the other hand, finding treasure might be as simple as breaking an ancient curse. In The Cursed Temple, unleash your inner Indiana Jones by sneaking into Amon Kha’s to break the curse and find the buried fortune.

Kilgore Cabin

Need a vacation? Kilgore Cabin is the perfect retreat for anyone who wants to unwind! And Mother Kilgore will take great care of you, we promise…

Below Zero

If you want to experience 2019’s Top Room by the Top Escape Room Project, you’ve found it. In Below Zero, you’ll find yourself as one of the last survivors in a damaged facility meant to preserve humanity in an uninhabitable world. You’ve woken up from your cryogenic chamber too early, and now everyone’s survival rests on your shoulders.

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