Channel your inner ‘maker’ at NewMakeIt

How does someone become a “maker” (otherwise be known as a crafter, artisan, designer, tinkerer, or maybe even an inventor)? Well according to this creative hub in downtown Newmarket, it’s not too hard. Turns out, you just have to try! And luckily, they’re here to help.

Aptly named NewMakeIt, this non-profit founded in 2016 is a collaborative space that draws creators all over the GTA. This is not surprising, given that they provide the instruction, support, tools, and tech to turn ideas into reality.

Pottery class at NewMakeIt in Newmarket

NewMakeIt provides workspace rentals, along with a variety of flexible memberships that cater to everybody from part-time hobbyists to full-time pros. They are committed to providing a space that allows everyone to become the crafter of their dreams with high-tech gear ranging from a laser cutter/engraver, CNC (computer numerical control) milling machine, CNC router, 3D printer, wood and metal shop, and more.

It’s the ideal setup for pros saving up for their own equipment; Yass Motamedi, learning manager at NewMakeIt, explained that those who have business intentions may want to test their idea before laying out this kind of capital. “They use our facility, allowing them to set aside money for space, equipment, and technology down the road.”

Novices need not sweat though- getting started as a maker can be as simple as signing up for a class. All are popular, but woodworking, blacksmithing, and pottery top the list. “A lot of people come for the classes,” said Yass. “Then they become members, and eventually begin selling their stuff. Their starting point was ‘I just want to experience this’ and then they fell in love with it – I’m one of them. Just recently, I made 30 mugs for the Kelly Clarkson Show.”

Woodworking courses are great for beginners and anyone who already has a few small projects under their belts, while fans of the popular show Forged In Fire can put their knife making skills to the test in a blacksmithing class (shout out to everyone who pretended they were a judge on the show)! And other courses like jewellery, painting, and even welding, add to the NewMakeIt ‘maker community’ that not only creates, but collaborates – working for themselves but certainly not by themselves.





NewMakeIt is located at 621 Timothy St., Newmarket and you can find out more about them at

Sparks fly during a welding class at NewMakeIt
Sparks fly during a welding class
Nesting bowls from NewMakeIt
Nesting bowls made by a crafter at NewMakeIt