Art in Newmarket

Newmarket Art
The Inukshuk by Luke Ayaliga and Juanisi Jaw is located at the southern end of Fairy Lake near the boardwalk trail. Photo: Jason Wighton Photography

Some very cool art can be found across Newmarket. Whether it’s beautiful Ojibwe sculptures tucked away on trails or unique installations sprinkled throughout the historic downtown core, you won’t go far without stumbling upon inspiration. If you don’t know where to look or have walked by the same piece wondering about its significance–read on to get to know a bit about the art and artists that define the fabric of our shared spaces. 

Nokiidaa Trail Totem Markers

Ten life-size wood and metal sculptures, created by artists Jim Menken and Donald Chrétien, mark one-kilometre intervals along the Tom Taylor Trail in Newmarket—part of the larger Nokiidaa (Ojibwe term meaning “walking together”) Trail system. Each totem represents an animal or nature aspect. The work of Chrétien, a former Newmarket resident and esteemed First Nations artist, can also seen on a large wall mural at Cachet Supper Club facing Fairy Lake.

Newmarket Trail Markers
Photo: Jason Wighton Photography
Photo: Jason Wighton Photography
Haines Memorial


The Haines Memorial 

A memorial featuring a bust of 19-year-old, Private Wesley Haines at Veteran’s Memorial Park, offers a moment of pause and reflection for our Canadian heroes. The bust of Pte. Haines was created by acclaimed sculptor and architect Walter Allard, best known for the Canadian National Vimy Memorial at Vimy Ridge which commemorates Canada’s WWI sacrifice. You can see the Memorial in Veterans Memorial Park on D’Arcy Street across from St. Paul’s. 

Bronze Plaques Along the Keith Bridge

From canoes and buggies to cars and Viva rapid transit, Newmarket has a rich transportation history dating back 10,000 years. Explore the eight bronzed plaques, each depicting a different mode of transportation in a moment of time, along the historic Keith Bridge. You’ll find it on Davis Dr. one stoplight east of Main St.


The Community Living Room 

Take a seat and stay a while! This life-size granite “living room” art installation by Edward Falkenberg features a three-seat sofa, armchairs, and side tables. The art piece pays homage to the former Mayor of Newmarket, Tony Van Bynen. 


Steel Lion Sculpture 

Created by renowned metal sculptors Bill and Geordie Lishman, this majestic stainless steel lion is the ‘pride’ and joy of Newmarket’s Community Centre and Lions Hall (200 Doug Duncan Dr.). Made from recycled materials like scrapyard metal, the sculpture is as sustainable as it is beautiful.

Radial Railway Arch 

All aboard! The remaining arch of the Radial Line Railway–the world’s first steel-reinforced concrete structure–can be found tucked away on the trails just north of Queen Street between Main Street and Charles Street. 


‘A New Market on the Holland River’

This large-scale heritage-inspired mural by Toronto artist John Kuna depicts Newmarket’s beginnings as a trading post and milling centre by the Holland River, or what is now Fairy Lake. You can see it from Water St. just east of Main St.


Bowman Art Collection at the Newmarket Public Library 

No need to go to the city to see art. Take in the Newmarket Public Library’s Bowman Collection, comprising of four sculptures, 48 paintings, and other artworks by local and Canadian artists. The library is located at 438 Park Avenue.